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Why You Should Start Using Dry Shampoo

You know the struggle. You’re rocking a cute set of twists but it’s day 11, things are getting a little grimy, and you’re out of shampoo. Time to hit the store!
While in the aisles, you’ll probably gravitate towards products that boast buzz words like “ultra-moisturizing”, “hydrating”, or “intense moisture”.  While moisture is key to a healthy head of hair, consider another haircare buzz word: dry. Unclutch your pearls — we’re talking about dry shampoo. While this sounds like the opposite of anything you’d ever want near your precious locks, dry shampoo is a product worth adding to your regimen. 
Dry shampoo is an amazing oil-absorbing product that almost instantly refreshes hair no matter if you’re relaxed or natural. Typically available as a powder, liquid from a pump dispenser or an aerosol spray, dry shampoo works to absorbs oils from your scalp and hair to clean them without water. This means you can achieve a refreshed mid-week mane without going through a lengthy wash day routine. Have we peaked your interest?
Dry Shampoo Natural Hair (Or With A Protective Style) Tips
Let’s dispel the concerns about dry shampoo leaving a white cast on hair. It is crucial to give the product at least two minutes to work its oil absorbing magic. If you see white, don’t panic and start wiping it out right after application.
Be sure to spray from an appropriate distance, typically about 6 inches. Read the product instructions for best application.
Brush out any remaining product AFTER it has had enough time to absorb oil.
Target your roots and ends throughout your head. Don’t concentrate on just one spot.
Try to limit your dry shampoo use to no more than twice a week.
Last (but certainly not least), dry shampoo SHOULD NOT replace a regular hair washing routine. You still need to cleanse, condition and deep condition on the regular to maintain hair health.

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